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Perceived safety and fear of crime: A web-based GIS platform.

Pavlos TSAGKIS | Yorgos N. Photis Downloads: 565

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Published: 2021/05/24 DOI:

Open Access

Keywords: fear of crime, online survey, WebGIS, heatmap, open-source technology


Fear of crime is a social phenomenon that mainly affects the population of urban communities and it is recognized as an issue by both the academic community and society itself. To study the phenomenon, it is necessary to collect primary data, either using traditional data collection methods or using well-established online questionnaires. This paper describes the process and architecture of developing an interactive data survey, analysis, and geovisualization web-based platform to support online questionnaires and surveys, related to the urban fear of crime. The main goal is to provide tools and utilities for researchers, journalists, groups or individuals, interested in the scientific aspect of fear of crime, to collect related data and analyze them within a common interface. The fear of crime platform utilizes a client-server Web-GIS application that gives access to a worldwide spatial database. As the fear of crime platform is a dynamic ecosystem that grows up every day, this database is also growing proportionally by individuals around the world. The project’s development is accessible at the following web address:

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Volume 12, No 1, 2021
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